Heat Holders Twist Thermal Socks

January 31, 2017

Currently available: $15.99  Visit their site to learn more

Oh-so cozy! The aptly named thermal socks from our friends at Heat Holders (yes, they really do hold the heat!) are the perfect sock for your winter TrailblazerGirl activities. A patented three-stage manufacturing process is the key to socks that are incredibly warm, soft, and cozy. According to the company, “An advanced insulating yarn is used to construct a sock with a long loop thermal pile which is then intensely brushed. This traps warm air generated by your body closer to your skin for longer, keeping you warm and comfortable.”  In the textile trade, a rating system exists called TOG (Thermal Overall Grade), and it is a measure of the heat retaining capacity of a given fabric. Heat Holders Thermal Socks are rated at an amazing 2.34 (a basic cotton sock has a TOG of 0.33), so you know your feet are going to be warm. We tested them on a recent snowshoeing trek in below freezing temperatures and oh boy were our feet toasty warm and comfortable! So bring on the cold, we’ve got Heat Holders Thermal Socks!