Petal Fresh Pure Coconut Body Butter

January 23, 2017

Currently available: $7.70  Visit their site to learn more

Smell this light pink elixir and images of Hawaii immediately come to mind! That’s what you get when you open a jar of Petal Fresh Pure Coconut Body Butter. The certified organic coconut serves as an natural exfoliator so that the organic argan oil and shea butter can work their magic on softening and moisturizing your dry winter skin. Though it’s a body butter, it’s lighter than most but just as effective and is absorbed completely within seconds, leaving a pleasant coconut scent. There are no parabens, artificial colors, phalates or sulfates used, and you can be assured that none of the Petal Fresh products are ever tested on animals. If you can’t make it to Hawaii right now, you can evoke the feelings of relaxing on a warm beach with Petal Fresh Pure Coconut Body Butter and have smooth, soft skin, too!