Nature’s Bakery Snacks

November 23, 2016

Currently available: Varies  Visit their site to learn more

Great tasting and better for you. Our friends at Nature’s Bakery shared their Stone Ground Wheat Fig Bars and their new Double Chocolate Brownie Bars with us, and the TrailblazerGirl team felt like Christmas arrived early! Nature’s Bakery prides themselves in supporting health conscious living and active lifestyles by providing healthy on-the-go-snacks that are made with non-GMO ingredients that are vegan and Kosher Certified. You won’t find any artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or cholesterol in any of their products. The Fig Bars come in a myriad of yummy flavors: raspberry, blueberry, lemon, apple cinnamon, peach apricot, strawberry (our favorite!), mango, fig, and pumpkin spice. They are all delicious – loaded with fiber and not too sweet but just sweet enough. The Brownie Bars are a tempting, healthy way to get your chocolate fix with 8g of whole grains per serving, wholesome dates, and a sprinkling of flax seed. You may find Nature’s Bakery Snacks in the health food section of your store, but they deserve to be in with the rest of the cookies – they taste that good!