Gobi Gear Hoboroll

November 21, 2016

Currently available: $39.99  Visit their site to learn more

Organize your packing. The smart folks at Gobi Gear have designed the ultimate bag to make your travel easier – the Hoboroll. This little, lightweight bag packs a big punch with 5 internal compartments, an internal, zippered pocket that also acts as the storage pouch, drawstring closures on both ends, and metal rings to attach a removable shoulder strap. So convenient for your travel needs whether it’s a weekend ski getaway, a camping trip to the mountains, a TrailblazerGirl-friend escape, or a Thanksgiving holiday break. Arrange you shirts, socks, underwear, workout gear in each of the separate sections, cinch the ends closed, and tighten the compression straps – voilĂ , everything in its place leaving you extra room in your suitcase for other essentials. What a timesaver and spacesaver! The perfect travel accessory for the holidays and more!