Primal Kitchen Foods

November 15, 2016

Currently available: $7.95+  Visit their site to learn more

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring and bland. Our friends at Primal Kitchen have a wide array of foods to keep you and your taste buds happy. Their delicious dressings, oils, and mayo are made with healthy monounsaturated fats from pure avocado oil. Yes, those are the good, heart-healthy fats that help reduce your bad cholesterol (LDLs) and increase your good cholesterol (HDLs). Select tasty Ranch dressing to dip your carrots in or yummy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette for your lunchtime salad or even the Greek Vinaigrette to marinate your chicken – lots of possibilities! For an on-the-go snack, check out their bars: Dark Chocolate Almond, Coconut Cashew, and Chocolate Hazelnut. They are high protein bars that are low in sugar, but the key is the type of protein used; grass-fed collagen. Why collagen? It’s like a superfood for wound healing, healthy joints, improving skin elasticity, and improving your sleep quality. As they say at Primal Kitchen, “make every bite a taste sensation”.