I Heart Keenwah Snacks

October 21, 2016

Currently available: $3.49+  Visit their site to learn more

Be keen for Keenwah! Our friends at I Heart Keenwah have created some delicious and healthy snacks. Whether it’s sweet or savory, they’ve got you covered. All the snacks are made out of that nutrient-dense quinoa. You’re familiar with quinoa, that super food that’s a complete source of protein with all 9 essential amino acids, is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, plus it has valuable amounts of heart-healthy fats like monounsaturated fat (in the form of oleic acid), omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This gluten-free snack has only 120-140 calories and 3-5 grams of protein per serving, and you can choose from Quinoa Clusters, Quinoa Puffs, and Chocolate Puffs. All are crunchy, bite-sized, flavorful yummies that are great at any time of day!