Zederna Cedar Soles Silver Care

October 19, 2016

Currently available: $29.90  Visit their site to learn more

PROMO CODE ALERT! Think about those aromatic, cedar-lined chests for your sweaters. Now you can have something similar…in your shoes! The smart folks at Zederna have created cedar wood insoles that have a thin layer of cedar wood fused to a cotton layer, creating a flexible, comfortable insole for all your shoes. The cedar has natural anti-bacterial properties that keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh. Plus, they also help to prevent and cure athlete’s foot and fungal infections. In addition to their hard-working Cedar Soles Original, their newest innovation, Cedar Soles Silver Care, uses silver ions for even more anti-bacterial strength, resulting in an insole that is especially useful in those running shoes and hiking boots. They are effective, yet thin enough that you can use them along with any special orthotics you may already use. And thanks to the generous people at Zederna, lucky TrailblazerGirl readers get an additional 10% discount on all orders, just enter “ trailblazergirl” in the voucher code field when you go to checkout. That’s on top of their multi-buy discounts of 15% off when you buy 3 pairs and 25% off when you buy 5 pairs – meaning if you buy 5 pairs or more, you get a total discount of 35%! Such a great deal on a great product, so take advantage of this fantastic offer through October 31st!