September 29, 2016

Currently available: $14.95  Visit their site to learn more

Clever, clever! NotSocks are essential for the fashion-forward TrailblazerGirl. If you live a “sockless lifestyle” or like the look of shoes without socks, then this is the solution for you. The smart folks at NotSocks have developed a footbed that can be custom-cut and a “sock” that fits around that footbed. The “sock” is made out of a combination of sustainable bamboo and charcoal, and this special combination is super effective at wicking away moisture and odors. Available in black and slate gray, they’re soft, comfortable, and machine washable. The footbeds are ultra thin so they can be placed inside any pair of shoes without altering how your shoes fit. NotSocks are great way to ensure your feet and shoes are fresh, comfortable, and chic!