Seattle Sports FireWater Multi-Bottle

September 22, 2016

Currently available: $27.95  Visit their site to learn more

Be the coolest TrailblazerGirl at the campsite! The FireWater Multi-Bottle from our friends at Seattle Sports is an awesome bottle/container/light/fun-outdoor-gear find. Yes, the multipurpose unit does a lot: it holds 700 ml of fluid to keep you hydrated; it serves as a waterproof container for your valuables as you’re paddling down the river; it lights your campsite as you’re munching on those s’mores; and use the top alone to act as a flashlight¬†to make your way to your tent at night. All this plus, it’s rechargeable via a solar panel or a¬†USB port, and for travel, it can be collapsed for compact storage. The 3 light settings yield 50-100 lumens with a run time of 5-12 hours. Such a clever, multifunctional TrailblazerGirl find!