EACH Hexagon Channel Stud

September 19, 2016

Currently available: $68  Visit their site to learn more

Clever and stylish! The Hexagon Channel Studs from our friends at EACH are an innovative piece of jewelry that serves double duty to keep your earbuds in place. Look carefully at these chic earrings, and you’ll notice a “channel” or small opening straight down the center. These act as guides to hold your earbud wires in place while you’re doing your TrailblazerGirl activities. So smart! Designed out of sterling silver, they look great on their own, and they’re perfect for helping to keep those earbuds in your ears where they belong, even when you’re racing down the road, hiking up the mountain, pedaling in spin class, or traveling on a plane. Many styles are offered, from sparkly to low key, and we’re sure you’ll find one (or more!) that matches your unique personality. Check out EACH, where¬†fashion meets¬†function!