August 11, 2016

Currently available: $20+  Visit their site to learn more

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and how true that is for husband and wife team, Paul and Ciara McGriskin. Following a family holiday complete with 6 bikes, they formed Bopworx and developed a line of reusable products to protect your bike while traveling, storing, and shipping. No more need for the old towels, bubble wrap, and bungee cords! Designed to fit bikes of all shapes and sizes, they currently have four products made from durable rubber, hard plastic, and a hook and latch system that doesn’t require any tools making them easy to use anywhere. First, there’s the Bop Bumper which can be placed where ever you need to create space or padding between your bike frame and another object (i.e. another bike, the wall, your car, etc.). Second, the Double Bumper is designed to protect multiple bikes mounted on a rear or hitch car rack or in storage. Also, it can be used to secure the handlebars and seat post to the bike frame during transport. Third, the Fork Guard does exactly that – it protect the fork from damage both to your bike and your car. Plus for those traveling, it provides an added layer of protection in your a bike case. Fourth, the Rear Derailleur Guard covers your rear derailleur with a protective steel arm and semi-soft rubberized padding. Finally a solution to a problem that all cyclists encounter: travel with peace of mind and protect your bike with Bopworx!