August 3, 2016

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Happy National Watermelon Day! August 3rd is the day set aside to honor this fruit/vegetable (yes, it’s considered both!) that is such a summer picnic staple treat. Our friends at WTRMLN WTR have made it even easier for you to get that deliciously refreshing flavor of watermelon. This is cold-pressed juiced watermelon – a whopping 1.2 pounds of watermelon in each bottle of WTRMLN WTR! No added sugar, no added water. Just a touch of organic lemon juice and loads of naturally occurring potassium, l-citrulline (important for your immune system and heart and blood vessel health), lycopene (a powerful antioxidant), and vitamin C. Such a healthy and delicious tasting way to hydrate. Leaving you with another fun fact: the heaviest recorded watermelon weighed in at 350.5 pounds – that would make a lot of WTRMLN WTR!