Quantum Health Scar Reducer

June 1, 2016

Currently available: $10.79  Visit their site to learn more

One of the unfavorable byproducts of being a TrailblazerGirl is the occasional injury. And with those injuries comes scars. Now, the smart folks at Quantum Health have developed Scar Reducer, an herbal scar treatment that can be used on new and existing scars, newly healed wounds, and stretch marks. An interesting combination of ingredients includes onion extract which is an anti-inflammatory herb that inhibits the over-production of collagen in a scar and allontoin which¬†promotes cell proliferation and wound healing. Don’t worry though, you won’t smell like an onion, as this cream is fragrance-free. We found that after several weeks of using Scar Reducer twice a day on an old scar, it has faded some and the skin feels softer. Improve the appearance of scars with Quantum Health’s Scar Reducer!