Kombucha Wonder Drink

May 5, 2016

Currently available: $33.95 (24 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Wonderful Wonder Drink! Our friends at Kombucha Wonder Drink sent us a sampling of their shelf stable line of delicious tasting drinks. If you’re looking for some healthy hydration, look no further! You recall that kombucha is a fermented concoction of yeast and bacteria added to tea loading it with beneficial essential organic acids that promote digestion, detoxify, and boast your metabolism and immune system. Kombucha Wonder Drink is a sparkling, flavorful beverage that will quench your thirst after that big marathon, or bike ride, or sailing outing, or any TrailblazerGirl activity. It’s available either pasteurized or raw, in bottles or cans and comes in eleven amazing flavors. Kombucha Wonder Drink great tasting and good for you!