Natural Sins Crispy Chips

May 4, 2016

Currently available: $16.20 (6 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Incredibly thin and over-the-top crunchy. The Crispy Chips by our friends at Natural Sins are a new, healthy take on potato chips, hence the tagline “The Unpotato Chip”. These unique fruit and veggie crisps are made from hand picked Costa Rican produce that is then sliced at an impossibly thin ΒΌ mm, sprinkled with a bit of pure cane sugar and bake low and slow. The result is a see-through-thin snack that is delicious! They are all natural, high in fiber, fat free, gluten free, GMO free, and definitely addictive (in a good way, since they’re low in calories!). A “chip” company, Pura Vida-style!