The Best Bar Ever

April 26, 2016

Currently available: $20.94 (6 bars)  Visit their site to learn more

PROMO CODE ALERT! This is not your typical protein bar, and with a name like theirs, does it live up to its name? Yes, it does! The Best Bar Ever is delicious tasting and good for you. It’s made each week with real food and the right combination of heart-healthy fats, quality carbs, and premium proteins without preservatives or chemicals, so you know it’s fresh. Relish the taste as you see whole cashews and almonds peaking out of these soft, chewy, gluten-free scrumptious bars. With 14-17 grams of protein and 240-300 calories, they are great for breakfast, a quick post-workout nosh, extra energy on that hike up the mountain, or a healthy afternoon snack. And thanks to the generous people at The Best Bar Ever, lucky TrailblazerGirl readers get free shipping on their very first order, just enter “TBG” at checkout. They only ship to the US right now, so international TrailblazerGirls will need to make friends with some Americans to take advantage of this offer which expires on June 30, 2016. They say that the name comes from the most common response after trying this bar, and we completely agree!