Chumbe Island Coral Park Eco-Bungalows

April 22, 2016

Currently available: Varies  Visit their site to learn more

A getaway that minimizes your impact on the environment. The Eco-Bungalows at Chumbe Island Coral Park are a collection of 7 open-air accommodations constructed with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly architecture using local materials. They are designed to have near zero impact on the environment including rainwater catchment, solar power and water heating, composting toilets and vegetative greywater filtration. Set on a small island about 6 km west of Zanzibar, you are surrounded by a stunning coral reef sanctuary and coral rag forest offering amazing snorkeling opportunities. Be sure to catch the sunset guided forest walk to see the Coconut Crabs (yes, they eat coconuts!), the largest living land crabs in the world. An island paradise dedicated to eco-tourism.