Injinji Trail and Outdoor Socks

April 14, 2016

Currently available: $17  Visit their site to learn more

Toesocks…those fun and funky socks that are good for your feet in more ways than one. Our friends at Injinji sent us some of their new Trail and Outdoor Socks, and we’re hooked. Three features set these socks apart from traditional socks: total foot utilization; blister prevention; and moisture management. Total foot utilization means that your toes are separated and properly aligned to give you better stability and comfort. Blister prevention is obviously a huge benefit. On a recent hike, these sock kept our feet comfy and free of those nasties that often plague us on long treks. Lastly, the moisture management is achieved with each toe encased in breathable, moisture wicking material, adding to your overall comfort. Check out Injinji – your feet will thank you!