Kora Shola 230 Tarn Gaiter

April 5, 2016

Currently available: $50  Visit their site to learn more

Ever heard of yak wool? Yes, yaks, those large, long-haired creatures that wander the Himalayan mountains. Well, our friends at Kora are the first company to developed a high performance technical fabric from the soft wool underneath the yak’s shaggy outer coats. We tried out their Shola 230 Tarn Gaiter, and we’re now yak-converts! The fabric is soft, not itchy at all, breathable, moisture wicking, and super warm. They say that compared to merino wool, it’s 40% warmer and 66% more breathable. An added benefit is that it’s machine washable; yippee, we are all for no hand washing and definitely no dry cleaning! The gaiter is great to wear around your neck on the ski slopes or on a mountain hike or ride, and it can even be worn as an ear muff, hat or bandana. Definitely a welcome piece for your cold weather TrailblazerGirl wardrobe!