Black Diamond Halo 28 JetForce

March 3, 2016

Currently available: $1,449.95  Visit their site to learn more

The ultimate safety pack for your backcountry winter escapades! The Halo 28 JetForce is an avalanche airbag built with revolutionary technology. The folks at Black Diamond live and breathe skiing, and this pack reflects that passion. The jet-fan inflation allows the 200 L airbag to inflate in 4 seconds and automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential, life-saving air pocket. Other features include a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery bolstering 4+ deployments per charge, interior space sufficient room to carry your essentials, as well as pockets and holders for your avy-tools, helmet, ice-axe, and skis. This is an award-winning versatile airbag touring pack.