Honey Bunchies

November 6, 2015

Currently available: $28.90/pack of 10  Visit their site to learn more

Scrumptiously delicious! You have to try Honey Bunchies, a family-run business that uses all natural ingredients to create a mouthwatering bar. Only 8 ingredients with the namesake ingredient, honey, making up a mighty 42%, so you know you’re going to get a big dose of energy and that energy is sustained with all the peanuts and sunflower seeds packed into each bar. Such a satisfying, happy bite of savory and sweet that gives you a boost as you’re trekking up the mountain, pumping up the hill on your bike, or simply toiling away at your desk. Gluten-free, grain-free, and soy-free. Handmade, chewy yumminess from Colorado!