Ona Bars and Cookies

October 22, 2015

Currently available: $2.99+  Visit their site to learn more

This TrailblazerGirl has a sweet tooth, and the Ona Bars and Cookies from our friends at WB Kitchen have hit the mark. No need to feel guilty about these mouthwatering yummies, because they are free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. They’re incredibly addictive and are the perfect snack to take on your next hike or TraiblazerGirl adventure. Plus they are hand crafted using organic, non-GMO honey and all natural, fair trade ingredients. You’ll find loads of flavor in both the bars and the cookies with the bars having a soft, chewy texture, while the cookies are moist and slightly less chewy. Our favorite of the 4 flavors of bars is the Chocolate (love the surprising bits of cocoa nibs for added chocolate boost), and we could decide between the 5 flavors of cookies…we loved them all! Give them a taste and let us know which one(s) you like best!