Treeline Outdoors Roof-Top Tent Gen2

October 2, 2015

Currently available: $2,099  Visit their site to learn more

No more sleeping on the ground! With the Roof-Top Tent Gen2, you’ll be elevated to new heights! Following being trapped in a ground tent by a grizzly bear, the founders of Treeline Outdoors decided to design a tent that provided a secondary safety defense against future potential encounters. The tent fits securely to a roof rack, has an all metal frame and hinges, a rugged, lightweight aluminum honeycomb base, a durable PVC coated travel cover, and a built-in, cloth covered, high density foam mattress that can stay inside the tent during travel. Additional features include three extra large awning windows, no-see-um mesh throughout, removable shoe/utility storage bags, and even a unisex emergency urinal. From the looks of the online instructional video, the tent sets up and takes down fairly easily. A new, more comfortable (and safe!) way to go camping!