Pendleton National Park Scented Travel Candle

June 12, 2015

Currently available: $26.50  Visit their site to learn more

Bring the National Parks home! Even if you can’t make it to the parks this summer, feel like you’re right there in the middle of nature with the National Park Scented Travel Candles from our friends at Pendleton. Choose from scents to remind you of the Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountain, Rainier, Yellowstone (love the verbena scent!), or Badlands National Parks. Or pick one of their Thomas Kay candles which burn for up to 50 hours and even come with a signature Pendleton woolen pouch. These candles make lovely gifts too, and with the National Park Scented Travel Candle, you’ll be doing double-good since Pendleton will give a portion of the proceeds from this and their other National Parks Collection items to the National Park Foundation in support of 2 national park projects. A great way to contribute to preserving our national treasures.