NRS Women’s H2Core Silkweight Short-Sleeve Shirt

June 8, 2015

Currently available: $34.95  Visit their site to learn more

Get in the water! With weather warming up, it’s time to hit the beaches, rivers, and lakes with our kayaks, SUPs, rafts, canoes, boats, and okay, you get the idea! Our water-loving friends at NRS have got you covered with their H2Core line, a layering system designed specifically for paddlers. We tested out the H2Core Silkweight Short-Sleeve Shirt, the lightest weight in the 4 levels of layering – just right for warm days where you want a little extra comfort and sun protection. Once it got wet, it was super quick-drying, and the “friction free zones” under the arms made it easy to paddle and move unrestricted. This shirt is described as having a relaxed fit, but we found it to run a little on the snug side, so you might want to consider sizing up to have a comfortable fit. But don’t limit it to your TrailblazerGirl water activities, because it works just as well as a breathable layer on your hikes and other land-based adventures.