Just Add Noodles Pool Float

March 4, 2015

Currently available: $60  Visit their site to learn more

Clever name, clever product! Just Add Noodles is an ingenious bundle that will make you the envy of everyone in the pool, lake, river, or any calm body of water. Here’s the kit – a head pillow, a foot pillow, and 4 air noodles – all conveniently carried in a mesh bag to take with you on your next holiday. With sliding, adjustable straps connecting the head and foot pillows, you can pick 4 different positions to relax in. Your head and feet can float on top of the water with your body partially submerged, keeping you cool, comfortable and relaxed. Another great feature is that it is made out of a high quality fabric that is UV, water and mold resistant. As they say, it’s the “ultimate floating experience for the water lover”, and we agree!