Taos Mountain Energy Bars

January 23, 2015

Currently available: $35/12 bars  Visit their site to learn more

Yum. Yum. Delicious bars from Taos Mountain Energy Bar. Only premium, organic, gluten free ingredients go into these super yummy bars. We love all the flavors – Almond Agave, Chocolate Butterscotch, Caramel Pecan, and Toasted Coconut. If we HAD to pick a favorite, it would be the Caramel Pecan. We inadvertently left one in our car during a hike and when we returned (starving, we should add!), we tried the bar…slightly warm from sitting in the car and especially delish since it was chewy, nutty, caramelly (is that a word?) but not overly sweet. TrailblazerGirls, you have to try these bars!