Kulae 3mm tpECOmat

November 20, 2014

Currently available: $48  Visit their site to learn more

Germs be gone! The new tpECOmat by our friends at Kulae is constructed in a way that prevents germs, odors, and bacteria from getting into your mat. This fantastic mat is eco-friendly too and free from PVC, latex, rubber, and allergens. We tried the 3mm thick mat (it also comes in 5mm and 8mm), and we found it provides super-great traction and is plenty cushy and comfortable enough for all our yoga poses. A whopping 72″ x 24″, it surprisingly weighs less than 2 pounds and can be folded for travel. The mat is available in 5 beautiful colors and is reversible, so you get to choose from 2 colors for your next bridge pose!