Nuun U Natural Hydration

November 5, 2014

Currently available: $23.85 (3-pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Stay balanced and refreshed with Nuun U Natural Hydration. Compared to Nuun Active Hydration, U Natural Hydration has half the amount of sodium for those light work-out days. It still has all the good stuff like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and a variety of B Vitamins as well as other essential elements to boost immunity and support healthy activity, and it doesn’t have the bad stuff like added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Each tube has 16 tablets that dissolve easily, and the mild taste of both the Goji Berry Green Tea and Tangerine Ginger is refreshing without being overpowering. Try Nuun U Natural Hydration for those days when you need just a little extra.