exofab Gel Guards for iPhone

October 23, 2014

Currently available: $34.99  Visit their site to learn more

Definitely a different kind of “phone case”. The Gel Guards for iPhone by our friends at exofab is actually an ingenious set of gel stickers that protect your phone from scratches and absorbs the impact from a drop. The package come complete with front and back guards, 2 sets of side guards in 2 different colors, 3 sets of gel buttons (a large for the Apple logo on the back and a small for the home button), screen protector, cleaning wipes, squeegee, and cloth. The guards perfectly fit your phone and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You even have the option to buy additional colors of side guards and buttons to further customize your phone. Another cool feature that makes the Gel Guard so fun is that you can stick your phone to glass, mirrors, and windows to take great, hands-free selfies! Download the free exofab camera timer app and get ready to take some quick selfies. exofab Gel Guards provide fun and stylish protection for your phone without bulk!