Tentsile Stingray

October 10, 2014

Currently available: $749  Visit their site to learn more

Hanging in the trees! That’s what you can do on your next camping trip! The Tentsile Stingray is a tent (yes, a tent!) that you hang in the trees and is big enough to sleep 3 people. This 13′ x 13′ x 13′ tent is suspended from 3 trees with special ratchet straps and can hold a maximum load of 880 pounds. You can enter the tent via the front door or via a triangular hatch in the center of the floor. It comes with a removable fly sheet for wind protection, and up to 3 additional hammocks can be hung underneath the Stingray to accommodate more people as a multistory tent. How cool is that – no bugs, no rocks, no worries!