Eco Vessel BOULDER Bottle

April 22, 2014

Currently available: $26.95  Visit their site to learn more

TrailblazerGirl loves dual purpose items, and the Eco Vessel BOULDER Bottle is a great example of this. It will keep your liquids hot OR cold. It’s triple insulated (yes, you read that correctly – triple!) to keep your liquids cold for up to 36 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. We tested this out and found it to be true. On top of that, the extra insulation translates into no bottle sweat, meaning your backpack contents stay dry! Other super features include a removable tea strainer, and a wide mouth to easily add liquids, ice cubes, even soup, and a smaller drinking spout. Both are very well sealed so there’s no leakage. Comes in 9 color/print options and 2 sizes, 17oz and 25oz.