April 11, 2014

Currently available: $4.99  Visit their site to learn more

Tired of ordinary trail mix and nuts? Check out SuperSeedz! Uber-yummy pumpkin seeds with 8 flavors to choose from – Really Naked, Sea Salt, Cinnamon & Sugar, Coco Joe, Tomato Italiano, Curious Curry, Somewhat Spicy and Super Spicy. The TrailblazerGirl team loved the Sea Salt SuperSeedz right out the bag as a tasty snack marching up the mountain. The Cinnamon & Sugar was delicious mixed with fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and the Super Spicy provided a little kick in our salads. Not only are these pumpkin seeds delicious, they’re good for you too with up to 9g of protein per ounce as well as being a great source of iron and zinc. As they say, “from jack-o’-lanterns to super food”!