Powerstep PULSE Performance Orthotics

March 12, 2014

Currently available: $35.95  Visit their site to learn more

Absorb shock. Run further. The PULSE Performance Orthotics by Powerstep,¬†with their built-in arch support and heel cradle, delivers a blend of stability and cushioning that makes your feet feel better, helps reduce fatigue, and improves the efficiency of your stride. According to the folks at Powerstep, this design will relieve the pain you might be experiencing due to many common conditions including plantar fasciitis, mild to moderate overpronation, fallen arches, shin splints and even muscle cramps. But it’s the shock absorption we look for, and the dual-layer cushioning they’ve used is really great at absorbing that shock and reducing the forces on your feet and joints. Like we said… absorb shock… run further. Thanks Powerstep.