WakaWaka Power

February 6, 2014

Currently available: $69  Visit their site to learn more

Light up your life and others with WakaWaka Power. WakaWaka means “shine bright” in Swahili, and that is exactly what this company is trying to do by dedicating part of their proceeds to supplying the developing world with sustainable energy at an affordable price. Aside from this noble social commitment, the WakaWaka Power is a handy, solar-powered charger and light that is slightly bigger than a smartphone and is just the piece of gear you need on your next camping trip. Ten hours of sun will fully charge it, and alternatively, it can be recharged using a micro-USB adapter in 4 hours. It will recharge your phone in about 2 hours, and the light feature has 4 brightness settings plus an SOS beacon. A fantastic product that you can feel good about purchasing and using, and as they say, “share the sun”.