NuGo Slim

February 12, 2014

Currently available: $7  Visit their site to learn more

Another great product from our friends at NuGo! You may recall we shared their Stronger bars with you recently, and now, we’re happy to share their Slim bars. These yummy bars are a little more than half the size of the Stronger bars so they’re a good snack or pick-me-up as you’re heading up that mountain path. With 15-17g protein, only 2-3g sugar, 7g fiber, and 170-190 calories, you get a nice balance to make you feel full, satisfy your sweet tooth, but not overload on the calories to make you feel like you have to work out like crazy to work off that snack. All are gluten free, kosher, no artificial sweeteners, and dipped in real dark chocolate. Five delicious flavors – Raspberry Truffle (our favorite!), Roasted Peanut, Brownie Crunch, Crunchy Peanut Butter, and Espresso.