Fitsok F4 Jewelpop No Show Sock, 3-Pack

November 8, 2013

Currently available: $25  Visit their site to learn more

Eye-catching, happy, playful colors in these high tech running socks. Fitsok’s F4 Jewelpop No Show Sock come in a pack of 3 super colors (electric lime, fuchsia and purple). These socks are expressly designed with the athlete in mind. They’re constructed with a special fabric that provides gentle compression around the arch of your foot to alleviate foot fatigue, venting to wick away moisture faster to keep your feet dry, a small extra bit of fabric on the back to cushion the area between your shoe and your foot where blisters often form, and there’s actually a left and right sock to ensure a precise fit. Super comfortable and a solid choice for all you TrailblazerGirl runners!