Element Bars

November 4, 2013

Currently available: $1.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Healthy granola bars made from natural ingredients. With Element Bars, you can create your own bar or choose from popular bars in 3 different categories (Classic, Endurance, and Vitality). With the custom bars, you choose one of four bar cores (2 crunchy and 2 chewy), then add fruits, nuts, sweets, or boosts, and voilĂ , your very own customized bar! The Classic Bars are freshly baked and all natural with eight yummy flavors like Cinnamon Mornings and Autumn Blueberry. The Endurance Bars are high in protein and designed for athletes to aid in performance or recovery. The Vitality Bars provide nutrition to meet the specific needs of cancer patients by including ingredients to help stimulate appetite or address feelings of nausea.