Snorkel-Mart’s Maui Snorkel Mask

October 29, 2013

Currently available: $58.95  Visit their site to learn more

Okay, TrailblazerGirl snorkelers, this is the mask for you! The Maui Mask by our friends at Snorkel-Mart is a super comfortable mask with some great features. Not only is it constructed with tempered glass, but it can be fitted with prescription lenses ranging from diopter increments of +4.0 to -10.0 for those of us with less than perfect vision. Mind you, these are stock prescription lenses, which means there’s no lengthy waiting time to receive your mask. The strap is attached via a steel buckle pin for durability, and we especially like that there’s a swiveling buckle where the strap attaches to the mask so you get a comfortable fit. You also have the option to purchase a Neoprene Strap Wrapper to cover the back of the strap for added comfort and padding – no more worries about pulling your hair when removing the mask. With 6 fun colors to choose from, what are you waiting for?!