September 4, 2013

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Designed to give athletes (and us weekend warriors) an edge… KOOL ‘N FIT Sport is an external spray used on your muscles before, during and after strenuous activity. Following a good suggestion from the folks who make it, TrailblazerGirl tested KOOL ‘N FIT Sport out by spraying it on only one leg so as to compare it with the other. The cool spray with its strong eucalyptus, menthol scent is absorbed thankfully without any greasiness! And, after a good long hike, our tester definitely felt muscle fatigue and soreness in the untreated leg while the KOOL ‘N FIT Sport leg was perfectly fine. Even the next day, the untreated leg still felt sore while the KOOL ‘N FIT Sport leg was all good. Amazing! Apparently, the all-natural ingredients act as vasodilators (to increase blood flow, meaning more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles), muscle relaxers (for less chance of injury) and anti-spasmotics (to avoid cramping). And what can we say… it definitely worked for us in our test.