January 18, 2019

A new way to have fun on the snow! Snowfeet are a hybrid between super short skis and skates. Lightweight and compact, they are designed out of fiberglass reinforced material with metal edges, a heel brake and adjustable bindings. No special boots are needed – just use your snowboard boots or any waterproof winter boots. […]

Sled Dogs SnowSkates

November 2, 2018

Skates? Mini skis? No, they’re SnowSkates from the folks at Sled Dogs! A bit of a cross between ice skates and skis, SnowSkates hail from Norway and are a comfortable, lightweight boot with an integrated base/ski with steel edges. Working best on groomed slopes, they are likened to inline skating on snow. No poles, no […]

Women’s Winter Escape at Great Glen

November 9, 2017

Coming January 13, 2018. Revel in the winter activities! The Women’s Winter Escape at Great Glen is a weekend filled with cross country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, tubing, skate skiing, and yoga. Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center is the site of this fun event which is located in Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire and offers year-round fun […]

Buffalo Icecycle

November 13, 2015

Is it a bike…is it a sled? No, it’s Buffalo Icecycle! Born in the cold Buffalo, New York, winters, this fun contraption has a skate blade in place of the bike’s front wheel and 4 additional blades for stability. You pedal and steer as you would with a regular bike while the studded rear tire […]

Mountain Boy Sledworks’ Colorado Kicksled

March 11, 2015

A fun wintertime activity made more fun with a handmade sled! Spend countless hours on the snow with the Colorado Kicksled by Mountain Boy Sledworks. Popular in Scandinavian countries, the kicksled has a chair mounted on a pair of flexible metal runners which extend backward to about twice the chair’s length. You stand on the […]

Mybonts Customized Boots

August 6, 2014

Custom designed and custom fit boots to meet your cycling, and inline, quad, long, and short track skating needs! Bont, a company out of Sydney, Australia, has been making speed skates by hand since 1975. Their Mybonts Customized Boots give you the opportunity to choose from 10 different styles of boot and to design the […]

Berlin Inline Skating Marathon

August 6, 2014

Coming September 27, 2014. The largest and most important inline skating race in the world. The Berlin Inline Skating Marathon is held the same weekend as the popular Berlin Marathon. The course is a 42.2K loop starting and finishing near Brandenburg Gate through the city streets that are closed to car traffic. After the race, […]