GPSMAP 62st by Garmin

October 22, 2012

Currently available: $549.99  Visit their site to learn more

Which GPS to buy? Oh my. With so many brands and models and features, it’s not an easy decision. Well, TrailblazerGirl is hiking long and far into the back country, so she’s started using the new GPSMAP 62st by Garmin. It has all the essential features, like a long battery life, tracking logs, an electronic compass, weather-proofing, easy waypoint marking, preloaded TOPO 100K maps and tools to make geocaching easy. If you’re new to the world of GPS devices, one piece of advice: we think of these as ruggedized scientific instruments, so don’t be scared when you get your hand on one, but you will want to plan to spend time understanding how it works and learning how to use it properly before you dash out into the woods. The GPSMAP 62st, with its particular set of features, is quickly becoming the device of choice for hikers, hunters, backpackers and serious outdoors-women.