Tiamo Resort & Spa, South Andros Island, the Bahamas

October 5, 2012

Currently available: varies  Visit their site to learn more

Columbus Day is on Monday here in the US, so take the day off. On second thought, take the day off in nearly the same very spot where Columbus “discovered” the New World… the Bahamas! Yep, that’s where Columbus and his crew first landed on their first voyage. The Tiamo Resort & Spa on South Andros Island in the Bahamas is maybe not what Columbus would have seen, but it’s what he would have wished he saw. Their luxurious private cabins and gourmet cuisine are complemented with all the normal amenities (pool, beaches, cabanas, etc.) as well as one of the Caribbean’s few remaining wilderness areas where you’ll see wild boars, nearly 200 species of birds, and the 4 foot (1m) long Andros iguana. The resort will outfit you with a guide, a kayak and supplies, so why not relive a little of Columbus’ voyage with all the comforts of the modern world?