Human Headphones

October 21, 2020

Currently available: $269  Visit their site to learn more

The jet setter’s compact companion for listening and translating! The folks at Human have designed a novel pair of wireless headphones that they call Human Headphones. First, they are wireless headphones that comfortably fit over your ears (look, ma, no headband!) with responsive touch controls. Second, magnetically connect the earpieces together to transform them into a speaker that will provide continuous play for up to 9 hours on a fully charged battery. Third and the most impressive feature, with the companion app, use the device to translate spoken words between two different languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. So you can watch and enjoy a downloaded movie on the plane as wireless headphones, sit by the pool listening to music as a Bluetooth speaker, and communicate with the locals using the speaker’s built in translation tool…all in one amazing device that fits in the palm of your hand! Human Headphones, your essential international travel companion that not only acts as a pair of headphones but also facilitates communication!