Mindful Mixtures The Sporting Life

May 6, 2020

Currently available: $40  Visit their site to learn more

Harnessing the power of plants! Our friends at Mindful Mixtures take botanicals and formulate products that treat pain and inflammation, promote sleep, boost mood and are great tools for relaxation. The Sporting Life is a must-have dynamic duo for all your TrailblazerGirl aches and pains. Ache is a convenient roll-on oil that blends arnica, frankincense and turmeric to target inflammation, minor joint pain, bruising and sprains. Charley Magnesium Sport Gel is a little pot of potion with a bio-available form of magnesium that counteracts the calcium buildup which leads to muscle cramping. Then, it helps your muscles absorb the potassium they need to function. Both products bring immediate, welcome relief when we’ve overdone it, and they contain 100% pure ingredients with no artificial additives, preservatives, colors, fillers or GMOs. Support an all-woman owned family business, and find plant-based healing with The Sporting Life from Mindful Mixtures.