Travel Essentials CBD Bundle

March 17, 2020

Currently available: $54  Visit their site to learn more

Relief is in sight! The folks at CBD Living have a Travel Essentials CBD Bundle to cover your needs. This kit is a collection of lip balm, salve, freeze, tincture, and daily lotion. The key active ingredient is CBD, or cannabidiol,┬áthe non-psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant. CBD Living uses a proprietary technology to process the CBD into nanoparticles that leads to up to 90% bioavailability. Just for comparison, products from other companies have only 10-15% bioavailability – that’s a big difference! This translates into much quicker relief of those painful muscles when you may overdone it with your TrailblazerGirl activities. This is certainly the case with the CBD Living Freeze, our favorite product in the kit. A topical gel in a roll-on form, CBD Living Freeze is easy to apply directly to aching and sore muscles. A touch of menthol gives an immediate cooling effect as the CBD goes to work on loosening those tight muscles. Get speedy and convenient pain management with the Travel Essentials CBD Bundle from CBD Living.