Koala Clip LUX

November 22, 2019

Currently available: $33.99  Visit their site to learn more

Go for a run with a koala on your back…as long as it’s a Koala Clip LUX! This smart idea is the creation of a runner who wanted to find a better way to carry her phone than an armband or waist belt or even worse, carrying it in a free hand. The Koala Clip LUX is a zippered pouch (see the cute koala reference!) that comes in 3 sizes: medium (4.25″ X 6″), large (4.5 X 6.5″), and X-large (4.75″ X 7). There’s also a small internal pocket to hold a key, credit card, or money. The outer fabric is wicking and non-chafing, while the interior lining is water resistant to protect your phone from sweat and rain. Slip the Koala Clip inside the back of your sports bra, securing it to the outside with the magnetic clip. We also tried it in the front of our sports bra (we preferred it in the back) and clipped inside our workout tights (this was a good option when we needed easy access to our phone/money). Since it’s something that rests directly against your skin, we found it convenient that it can be machine washed (we put our in a mesh delicate bag first). Made by women, for women – it’s the clever Koala Clip LUX!