Head Case

October 4, 2019

Currently available: $24.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Never again worry about someone mistakenly picking up your bag at the baggage carousel! Head Case, from the folks at Firebox, is the ultimate way to personalize your luggage. Upload any high quality photo of your face, your sweetie’s face, or even your pet’s, and choose from a single giant face (a little disconcerting!) or multiple little faces. They’ll create a bag cover printing that image on both sides that you can slip on over a small, medium, or large piece of luggage. The cover is made out of a stretchy spandex/polyester blend so it’s important that the image is high quality, otherwise your face (or faces) may look a little funky. So the next time you travel, wrap your head around (tee-hee, pun intended!) the problem of all bags looking the same with the Head Case!