Buff CoolNet UV Tapered Headband

September 12, 2019

Currently available: $15  Visit their site to learn more

Coming soon! Our friends at Buff, the folks that bring us that versatile neck gaiter/cap/balaclava/neckerchief/sunguard/etc. will be releasing a Tapered Headband in Spring 2020. If you’re looking for just a headband, this is the way to go, especially for those hot yoga sessions, long distance runs, or anytime you want to keep your hair away from your face or expect to be generating some sweat.┬áDesigned out of the CoolNet UV+ material, each headband is made with one recycled plastic bottle (every little bit counts to help reduce waste!). You’ll get excellent moisture management as the material is wicking and quick drying. The soft bumpies inside the headband ensure the headband doesn’t slip even during your most active workouts, and the tapered cut clinches the comfort factor. The Buff CoolNet UV Tapered Headband will be available in 3 solid colors and 3 prints.