KT Tape Pro

August 24, 2012

Currently available: $19.99  Visit their site to learn more

Did you notice those Olympic athletes with tape on their legs? You’ll see it strung across their thighs or their elbows or somewhere else and it doesn’t seem to be connecting anything. But it is. They’re wearing KT Tape Pro, an amazing synthetic kinesiology tape. It essentially provides support for muscles, joints and tendons without restricting any comfort or any range of motion. It’s like a super-simple brace that can be applied anywhere on your body where you might pull muscle or experience some joint fatigue. Use it also when your muscles (or your back or your feet) are sore after exercising, and it should help relieve the pressure and help you recover more quickly. You can imagine the stress the Olympic athletes experience, so that’s why you’re seeing the pros wearing it.